How The HCG Diet Works

Losing weight is easy for some people but mostly hard for others. There have been a variety of diets that were introduced to the market and each of them has had their own following. One of those various diets includes the HCG Diet.

Furthermore, those who agree that a great diet is the most effective way of losing weight, offer various diets. One of those diets is the HCG Diet.


The HCG Diet may either be taken orally or through an injection, both having the same effects on the body. The diet allows one to lose a pound to three pounds on a daily basis.

The HCG, or the Human Chronic Gonadotropin, is a hormone that controls the metabolic functions through the hypothalamus. This is usually produced by pregnant women through their placenta. However, the HCG Diet may also apply to non-pregnant women and even to men as the HCG is found in every human tissue, as research provides.

During the HCG Diet, one may feel hungry for the first week or so, but once one passes that stage, the feeling would disappear, this is because the body and the hypothalamus gland, which regulates the metabolism rate of the body, has adjusted to the diet.

Unlike the other diets, the HCG Diet is easy to maintain as the body and the hypothalamus gland, which regulates the body’s metabolism, adjusts to the low amount of calories taken in by the body. The HCG Diet also creates a healthy eating habit for a person, therefore, making it much easier to maintain the diet and the desired figure. The HCG Diet also does not require one to spend long hours in the gym just to burn all the fats one has, as a minimum amount of daily activity would suffice.

Another advantage of HCG Diet is that those who have used this diet report that they rarely regress back to the state they were in before the diet. This is because the HCG Diet developed in them a healthy relationship with the food, and as long as one does not go back to “negative” eating, they would maintain the wonders created by the HCG Diet.

The reason the HCG diet works is that it is fool proof. You will loose weight if you take it, that is fact. How much weight you lose may vary but you will lose weight. On average, dieters lose 1-2 pounds a day, some lose more but doubtfully will you lose less.

While on HCG, a 500 calorie diet is recommended which is one of the miracles of the diet. A person can be completely comfortable consuming only 500 calories because it suppresses your appetite. Without HCG, a person would not only experience hunger pains but would suffer from headaches, fatigue, insomnia and many other symptoms.

It is not unusual at all for those individuals on HCG to experience more energy and an increase in alertness. A better sense of well being is also common. Not only does HCG shed pounds and inches, it makes you feel healthier.