What are Real HCG Drops?

HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin. It is a hormone found during pregnancy. The HCG drops are specially manufactured by the chemists to help in losing weight. Today, many manufacturing companies are producing fake HCG hormone drops. So how to identify whether a HCG drop is real or not?  Here are a few criteria that a real HCG drop must satisfy using which you may determine whether the product is 100% real:

  • First of all, the HCG should be manufactured within US. If produced by any third world country, the HCG drops have high chances of containing microbes and hence are not real. They might be cheaper than those made in USA but buying them may not serve your purpose. Only the USA-based companies are the legit sellers of the drops.
  • It should also be a pharmaceutical grade HCG. Only the pharmaceutical grade HCGs are authentic while the others have the hormone in a diluted form.
  • The HCG drops that you buy should also be approved by FDA. Otherwise, they will be considered as fake ones.
  • The ingredients necessary for a HCG drop must be checked for in the ingredients list. To know which ingredients are necessary and in what proportion, you may refer to the FDA guidelines.
  • You should also buy the HCG drops manufactured by a reputable company. In order to understand which company is the right one to go for, you need to find out whether the company has proper product guarantees and return policies. This will help you to get the money back in case of issues so far you are honest on your part. One should also be careful about the absurd rules provided in fine prints which discourage returns. These are important so that you can be assured of the fact that the company is confident about its product.

It should also be noted that a legal company is not necessarily the manufacturer of a 100% real HCG drop. A few years ago, it was not possible for the customers to find real HCG drops; today it is not at all a problem since a lot of genuine HCG drops are available in the market that give you the same results as an injection.

Customer Review is another important factor to look at since it will help you to find out what the consumers feel about the product. If you find negative reviews claiming that the drops are fake, you should definitely avoid the product.

Where to buy 100% real HCG drops?

100% real HCG drops can be found in the pharmacies, retail stores and even online! It is better to buy them online since you will get to view the required details quite easily. If you buy it from the local store, you may not be able to enquire much about the product and the shopkeeper might try to push these drops to you.

So, be careful to buy the right drops from the right place so that you can be assured of the most effective treatment.